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Lazada Philippines Review: A Wonderful and Surreal Shopping

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:10 pm    Post subject: Lazada Philippines Review: A Wonderful and Surreal Shopping Reply with quote

I am recounting my awesome shopping experience with Lazada PH and how I ended up purchasing something crazy oh well the item is not really weird or something. I am going to be on to that part later on. Right now I just want to blabber away on the pure awesomeness of the Lazada shopping experience. First off, I am going to talk about the shopping categories they got there and oh yes there are lots of them. There is something for everyone here. The exactly got 13 cool shopping categories in Lazada. I am going to mention them in the order in which they appear from top to bottom, they are: mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, jewelry and watches and books, music and movies. I noticed on the categories that they didnít lump the electronic stuff into one huge aggregate that could be difficult to browse. It was a great thing that they took the time to categorize each electronic gadget separately like mobiles and tablets are in their own group, same thing with computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras and home appliances. That kind of classification or taxonomy (pardon my big-bang theory-ish lexicon right there coz I just came off a twenty four hour Big Bang Theory marathon yesterday) is really helpful in making the website easily navigable if there is really such a term as navigable well anyway it doesnít matter you get the drift anyway right? Ok good. Like I was saying, ease of navigation is one of the strongest points of Lazada.Ph. I dabbled in web design myself, well, lose the ďedĒ on the word dabble and make that present tense because I still do some web design stuff on the side right now and one thing that I normally put a premium on when doing websites is function. I want it to be functional, I want it clutter free and simple so it will not be difficult for visitors to browse around and get what they want. That is what the Lazada website layout is, it is clutter free, it has the functional minimalist approach and shopping categories are well organized. When I was shopping, I did not have a hard time looking around for stuff, it was clean and thereís a lot of good focus. In terms of the appearance, Lazada looks balanced and pleasing. The colors and fonts used are not the centers of attention, the juxtaposition works really well and in harmony with the theme of the site. They donít use a lot of colors on the texts that are pleasing and easy to look at. The dominant colors are blue and white which is the quintessential color combo for social networking sites nowadays. Blue suggests peace, calm while white suggests cleanliness, purity. Put those two together and you got a website thatís very relaxing to look at. Now, on to the prices, Lazadaís price tags are at par with those that youíll find on regular shopping malls meaning some prices may not be lower but they donít go higher and they always got deals going on like the unbeatable deals promo that gives you up to 50% discount and thatís the most epic thing there. Alright I am going to let you in on my secret, well not really itís just that I bought a teddy bear off Lazada itís called Brownie The Bear Plush toy. And what was my motivation? It was the movie ďTedĒ (just go Google it if you havenít seen it, youíll be guaranteed endless bursts of spaced out chuckles throughout) I thought it was cool for an adult like me to have a teddy bear around. That is something that you donít see a lot and it was a hell of a lot of fun.
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