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Bricked gps (Go Cruise 350)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:18 pm    Post subject: Bricked gps (Go Cruise 350) Reply with quote

Hi guys, This is an awesome forum and I thought I might ask my question and see what happens.

Original thread http://fixmygps.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=1073

My GPS is bricked because I've changed one of the init values of the registry to the wrong file name, so now it will get stuck on the startup screen once it tries to run the wrong file.
Sadly, this happens too early in the startup process so I can't get a full usb connectivity with winxp, and there's no way to change the registry value to the right one using a tool like CEregEditor.

Here's what I know: Everything that is saved on the internal flash memory is reverted to it's original state after a hard reset / power off-power on. That is why the gps software / mapping is placed on the sdmmc card.
I can assume that the registry is not located on the same portion of the flash memory, because a change to the registry is persistent.
Here's what I don't understand: All hell broke loose after the device was dropped. for some peculiar reason, it seemed as the registry reverted itself to default, as on next power on of the device it started the original manufacturer's gps software. (the device was hacked to run wince desktop and other gps software. I thought it was the battery that got disconnected for a quick second, but leaving the battery disconnected for a few days did not reset the registry).

I cannot find the logic of flash memory magically reverting itself to factory default, and I wish I'd understand that so I can trigger it again and revert the registry to default.
for what it worth, I think it may be better documented in the original blog, if you'd like to gather more information.

I was wondering if it's possible to access the internal flash memory on the device and change it to the right value?

If it is possible, I cannot assume that all you need is a usb cable and a computer, So I'm wondering if anyone here is from Australia and would like to accept a (little afternoon?) project on the mail.

any words of advice are appreciated. thank you!

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