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Modding Nokia 6230 aerial switch & solar charger

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:13 am    Post subject: Modding Nokia 6230 aerial switch & solar charger Reply with quote

Hi, I'm trying to modify my phone in two ways, and could do with a bit of help please.

1. I want to add an on-off switch to disconnect the aerial (for the network, I mean), which I don't see as possible in the menus. I partly want to do this to stop worrying about the radiation if I have it on me all the time, and partly to save battery power when I'm on ultra-light trekking excursions. I don't want to have to switch the phone on and off, because I like to use it for its calendar functions, camera, mp3 player, radio, and voice recorder. I don't get many calls on it, so just want to connect to the network occasionally to check for texts or missed calls.

What I want to know is

a) whether this means that when it's switched off the aerial will not be giving off microwaves or whatever it is that's thought to have health risks associated with it.

b) whether all I have to do is interrupt the central sprung connection of the three that connect the aerial (yes, I've got that far at least) to the phone front. I've put a piece of insulation between all three to test what happens, and only the central one causes the phone to lose signal, but I don't know if that means the aerial is (or aerials are) disconnected, or if it's just that the data line is the middle pin. I know very little about electronics, but I think I remember that aerials in radios don't have two connections, just one. It would be easy from there if it's just a case of soldering two connections to the correct (single) pin and its locator with insulation between and running the wires to a switch on the body, less easy if I have to do it with more than one.

2. I've taken a solar-power torch apart as the battery has died, and thought it would be handy to fit the solar panel on the back of the phone connected to the battery connection points. I'm not expecting miracles from it, but hoping it might just extend the battery life by trickle charging it. Again, I'm puzzled because the battery has three connections and, although the outermost two are marked + and -, I have a feeling that the middle one might be powering a different circuit in the phone, or might even be a separate cell inside the battery. Do you think I can just connect the solar cell across the outer two? The battery is BL-5C 3.7V (adaptor gives 5.7V at 800mA). I've measured 1.4 mA across pins 1 and 3 in the phone when the charger is connected and 0.15 mA across 1 and 2.

My usual method is just to try things and see what happens, but I thought it wasn't worth ripping into it this time until I know these mods should work. There's not much room for a swtich, but I'm thinking the little "window" above the IR receiver/transmitter is nothing more than a hole to let the speaker volume through and I could fit a little ultra-micro type switch there. The solar panel should go on the back very nicely.
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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2010 4:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow... you have some imagination... I am curious to see a picture of it.
I guess that it looks the same
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