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Dyna-Flex Nsd Power Ball Sm-01 Speedometer/RPM Hack

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:40 pm    Post subject: Dyna-Flex Nsd Power Ball Sm-01 Speedometer/RPM Hack Reply with quote

Has anyone Hacked the," Nsd Power Ball Sm-01 Speedometer ? The Sm-01 ( the speedometer of
Nsd power Ball ) Functions are:
a. the count of revolutions ( hundred unit )
b. the current RPM
c. the historical highest RPM/ the current highest RPM
d. the physical index, 30 sec., 60 sec., 90 sec.
The above-mentioned functions work individually. The speedometer can make users understand the use state of PB and provide real figures for reference. It combines the effects of rehabilitation, entertainment, and contest.
Can anyone explain how this speedometer works. Is it Optical ? Since the Power Ball has 5 LED's incorporated in the Gyro Ball does this trigger the output ? Or is it magnetic ? When I, place compass next to the Power Ball the compass dial spins like a motor. How can I, use this speedometer to registered the speed or RPM of wheel ? Looking forward to hearing any suggestions, on how I may HACK this Great Speedometer/ TACH . This speedometer can be found on eBay for about $15.00 it's small and compact. It surprises me that no one has Hacked this for other uses !

I'm looking for a way to Hack this Dyna-Flex PowerBall Tachometer ( Speedometer ) I wish to use this LCD device to Time ,register shutter speed,& motor speed for 16mm & 35mm Motion Picture Cameras. The Tachometer displays RPM's, I need to know the exact speed of the camera, ie: 1800 RPM's = 24 fps ( frames per second )I'm not sure how this unit works ? Induction current ? The Dyna-Flex Gyro Ball has coils & a magnet that is incorporated in the Ball. The Tachometer will only register the RPM's if it is on top of the PowerBalls window, and not on the side of the ball.
This unit could be used for many other applications. Since it is the size of a Silver Dollar and uses little or no power, with the right pick up ( magnetic ? ) it could be of great technical use with other HACK projects.[img][/img] Very Happy

Item number: 150295924895


This NEW Digital Speed Meter is compatible with the NSD PowerŪ ball, Dyna-Flex Powerball, and Dyna-Flex Pro plus models, and measures the user's instantaneous speed, highest RPMs, and maximum revolutions. It also includes a setting to measure your physical strength index in durations of 30, 60, and 90 seconds.
he Speed Meter easily snaps into place once the top cap is removed from the power gyro (use a flat head screwdriver or your fingernails to remove the cap). If your gyro does not have a removeable top cap, then this meter will NOT work for you. The battery for the Speed Meter is designed to last at least 3 years.

Although the Speed Meter is optional, I believe this is a must have add-on for those that have even the slightest competitive instincts. Put a Speed Meter on a power gyro and before long you'll have a tournament with friends to see who can crank out the highest RPM's. If you are really good, you can compete against the world! http://powerballs.com/scoreboard.php

This will give you a Idea what the Meter looks like.
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