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Teddy Ruxpin 1985 Hack

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:08 am    Post subject: Teddy Ruxpin 1985 Hack Reply with quote

Longtime reader, first time poster:

Last year, I decided to finally take apart and examine some cheap electronics I have acquired from rummage sales and the like, and this is the first device I have rewired: a 1985 WoW Teddy Ruxpin.

If you remember correctly, this device used a cassette tape for it's audio/entertainment track, and 8-Channel PCM signal track for the animatronics (which varied from model to model, 2 or 3 servos).

What I did here was generate a PCM signal from a defunct Futaba R/C airplane controller which had a "buddy port" for a co-pilot controller. The signal was routed directly into the "Teddy" PCB, after triggering the "Override" by inserting a dummy cassette tape with no tape inside, but after puncturing ALL of the tabs in the cassette (inner, and outer).

The result? Watch for yourself!


After the tech mod, I have continued to artisticaly modify this new "animatronic" into a white cat.


This cat may be used in an upcoming Haunted House put on as a benefit for the local Community Access Television (or C.A.T.) station! It's unclear how we're going to integrate it into the show currently, but I'm sure there are ways to 'classic horror' this cat up into a spooky host, yes?


Total combined cost of hack: $5 (Teddy $1.50, Futaba $.75, Gas for 'consulting' R/C experts & power for rechargeable batteries $2.75)
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